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Why B’O Baby clothes?

It protects a baby’s most sensitive skin
your baby will love the comfort

  • super soft
  • light
  • warm
  • suitable for all seasons
  • high-quality manufacturing procedure (made in EU)

Long-sleeved bodysuit, Long-sleeved one-piece outfit, Long-sleeved kimono top, Bib

B’O Baby collection B’O Baby Long-sleeved kimono top B’O Baby Long-sleeved one-piece outfit B’O Baby Long-sleeved bodysuit B’O Baby Bib

The new collection from B’O Baby with snap buttons for easy, clean and fuss-free changing. Organic cotton baby clothes that are stylish. A practical design makes it so easy to change. Tie-strings for flexible adjustments.

Made of 100% certified organic cotton. All snaps are nickel-free. The stitches are sown outside to avoid direct contact with a baby’s skin, lessening chances of irritation.

Easy Care. Just throw it in your washing machine!

  • size 68 (4–6 months)
  • size 74 (6–9 months)
  • size 80 (9–12 months)

Baby cloth diapers, one-size

B’O Baby collection B’O Baby cloth diapers B’O Baby cloth diapers B’O Baby cloth diapers B’O Baby cloth diapers B’O Baby cloth diapers B’O Baby cloth diapers B’O Baby cloth diapers

70% BIO bamboo, 10% certified organic cotton, 10% PUL (inner waterproof layer).

Made of special soft bamboo and certified organic cotton that is gentle on a baby’s skin. Luxurious, super-soft, light and warm against a baby’s delicate and sensitive skin.

They are designed to fit most babies from birth to potty training. One-size diapers are adjustable in size and have a built-in system of snap buttons and velcro to adjust to any baby’s size.

Requires no special care, except avoiding high temperature when washing & drying. Hand or machine wash.

  • inner waterproof layer
  • one-size model
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